Underdogs World

What are Underdogs?

Why Underdogs?
Underdogs allow users access to every feature inside of the UnderdogsMeta Land experience. Each NFT has an attributed rarity, along with several high quality traits that effect in-game aspects! Rigged to replicate the real-life inspirations
Basically this NFT will act as pass to enter and have access to underdogs meta land. The entire game will be based, utilizing web3 innovation, embracing the new blockchain in a new and P2E format. The game will be additionally upgraded, utilizing NFTs to offer its members more association and prizes for partaking in the task. That's how this NFT will become in use. The NFT holders will be able to reap rewards, which will be constituted from game revenue and royalties combined.
Underdogs resonates different characters to match different personalities. They are a total of 333 NFTs, which will be available for purchase, from either a proprietary minting machine or an existing launchpad, which is yet to be confirmed.
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